Looking Back: Traveling 2015

Wherever you look these days social-media-wise, you just can’t avoid those ubiquitous “Looking back on 2015” posts, so I thought it’s time for one of my own.

I proudly present:

Looking back on 2015: Travel Edition

2015 was a pretty good year for this traveler – two major trips with the other half, two short city trips and only one annoying incident.

All in all, we had a lot of fun, re-visited a lot of places we love, explored places we’d never been before, and took a gazillion of photos. Which is actually why this post consists mainly of pictures, sprinkled with tiny bits of text here and there.

We started with two and a half weeks in Southern California in spring.

As we hadn’t been to Cali since 2009, we decided to spend the majority of our spring vacation time in one of our favorite cities, San Diego.

Instead of our usual road trip planning, we booked a couple cute apartments on AirBnB, one in Mission Beach for ten days, another in Normal Heights for three days, and for the last two days, we left San Diego and moved over to Venice Beach.

During summer, the other half had to work, so I settled on short city trips, originally planned solo, but ended up sharing the experience with the parents.

First stop: Berlin, Germany

Two days beautiful summer weather, good food, too many people and a lot of fun in our capital city. Quite nice for a quick two-day getaway.

Next stop: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Last stop: Day Trip to Hamburg, Germany
Fall vacation in the UK – London with the in-laws and Scotland Road Trip for two

Our second “big trip” 2015 started with a week in England, showing the in-laws around and checking out what changed in London during the past 15 years or so since our last visit.

After helping the in-laws boarding their flight back home, we hopped over to Scotland for a nice little road trip. Starting from Glasgow, we first went to Islay for a couple of days, then drove straight through the highlands to Dufftown, self-proclaimed Whisky Capital of the World.

And then, at the end of our fall vacation, travel disaster struck and we were left stranded at Heathrow Airport for two days. Oh well, looking back, it was quite an adventure…

So that was my very own “Looking back on 2015” post, let’s wait and see what 2016 will bring – Happy New Year ?


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