It’s alive!


Sunrise in Scotland – perfect picture for a rising blog… Seriously, I’m just testing blog layouts and needed a picture 😉

My brand-new blog is born, and even though it is still a tiny little thing, I am quite confident it will do its older sibling, mostly German, proud by being its English-speaking sidekick.

While is the reincarnation of our very first blog,, which we started back in 2007 to keep our family back home up to date, Travel. Blog Repeat. will be my very own outlet for ramblings about my favorite topics. In English, because I don’t have to keep the German-speaking family satisfied, and happily hopping back and forth between my diverse interests and hobbies. But don’t worry, traveling will play a major role!

Stay tuned for more content here, pop over to
if you like, and please be patient with my present lack of commitment to a WordPress-theme…

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