Double Rainbows & Feeling Anti-Social About Social Media

Double rainbow in Dufftown, Scotland

Blue sky and double rainbows – perfect antidote to website-induced screaming fits…

My original plan was to have Jetpack publish each and every post I write here to my brand-new Facebook page and my equally brand-new Twitter. Well, turns out Jetpack has different plans.

I definitely am no techie, my usual approach to any old tech-trouble is googling whatever seems to be wrong, hoping I find enlightening articles and forum discussions, and speed-reading the gazillion hits my dear friend Google digs up.

After spending the better part of two afternoons wrestling the different connections to Twitter and Facebook, I have decided to give it some time. Apparently, this particular connectivity problem tends to pop up out of thin air just as quickly as it vanishes again. Let’s hope it works that way for me, too.

Until the happy day Jetpack decides to cooperate, I’ll just share manually…




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