I Didn’t Fall Off The Face Of The Earth…

It has been way too quiet for way too long here on my blog. Life and my day job have taken over, which happened to be both good and bad. Good for me, bad for my blog.

In the near future, articles about

  • my favorite US National Parks,
  • our 4-week summer road trip across the Southwest,
  • and living out of the newest addition to my vast luggage collection on said road trip

will make an appearance here.

For now, please bear with me while I try to make the WordPress app on my phone play nicely. It has already eaten the first draft of this update, refused to upload a photo, generally tried to drive me insane.

Update from my MacBook, two hours later: I have given up on the iOS app for now; it does play nicely with my ancient wordpress.com blog but totally ignores both of my wordpress.org blogs. It also ate my draft of this post again, so I had to resurrect it from the copy I had paranoidly saved to the notes app. Not a pleasant day blogging so far…

While I go exercising a bit to calm down, please enjoy a nice photo of beautiful Big Sur:

Big Sur

Big Sur Coast on a beautiful summer day

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